Pisces Solar Eclipse

Stoney Tune

It’s a climax without the… well… you know

The coming Solar Eclipse and You – Tuesday, March 8th

A new moon/solar eclipse is an especially enlightening gift from the universe that can re- ignite (aka re-member) the seeds of our innate intent in order to exponentially grow and glow. Here’s a hint on how we can best utilize this universal gift astrologically:

Aries:   Confusion may cloud your judgment. However, trust that acting authentically from your heart will ultimately prevail.

Taurus:  Dare to come out of your comfort zone and share with others – your genius shines.

Gemini:  Your authenticity is under scrutiny; make sure that others can’t exploit any cracks in your armor

Cancer:  What you thought you knew may not be true. Open your heart and mind and expand your journey

Leo:  Your ego may misunderstand the inherent gifts that will be given to you. Be kind, grateful and generous.

Virgo:  Listen with patience and compassion and there will be mutual affirmation and support in the enhancement of emotional intelligence

Libra:  Recognize, trust and share your unique talents – otherwise your well being may suffer

Scorpio: Your creative prowess abounds. Now is the time to convey your feelings to those you love

Sagittarius:  Securing your foundation is key here. Family is one of the main focuses as you tend to the seeds of your creation

Capricorn:  A sense of community is where best to serve your energies. Efforts of communal activity and family support are sure to succeed.

Aquarius:  Re-evaluating your values will enhance your ability to place your treasures where they are needed most.

Pisces:  The phrase “Let Go Let God” has never been more potent for you. If you are feeling anger, fear, resentment and/or judgment, open your heart to a love you have forgotten – you will find that it has been there all along.


Trust Your Journey

Stoney Tune

Re-cultivate culture? Wow! Now that sounds Springy

As winter spirit’s gift prevails, she also beckons farewell. May we all express our gratitude for her nurturance and wisdom as we recognize and honor her perennial universal blessings. An incubation period, this is the most potent state of reflection as we create with intent the stuff that’s going to impregnate the seeds with which we implant our intents in order to bud come spring. Let’s re-cultivate culture to include all of the children of the universe. There is no such thing as the “chosen few,” it is a xenophobic concept used to spotlight delusional self importance – sounds familiar? Can we say Trump?

We understood our all-encompassing, all-inclusive universal – indeed multi-versal– kinship pre-incarnate. Yet societal dictates, and the lure of what have become whatever empty carnal rewards thereof, have thrown us off our inherent understandings. Yet it has both challenged and enhanced our journey. Know that we are coming around and are growing weary of societal dictates. We appreciate that while our earthly experiences both enhance and satiate our souls, it is only part and partial of the whole being that we are here to become spiritually.

When we wake up every morning, we may wonder or affirm or aspire – or not, what our purpose is.  Rest assured that you have already chosen your purpose.

Open your hearts and minds and… Trust your journey. Namaste.

Happy Valentine Everyone

Stoney Tune

Be Thy Valentine


Valentine to me is the expression of love in shared creative spaces of peace  and passion.

Every Valentine’s Day reflects or projects a celebration, expectation and/or hope of true love. Love expresses itself in many ways – self-love, however, is the integral factor and foundation of any and all kinds of true love.  As we approach this most auspicious day, let us first remember how important it is to know ourselves and love ourselves first. Otherwise we relinquish our power and risk handing over the fate of shared love to others who may not know themselves. Hence, a vicious cycle of misguided, unrequited love.  Countless prolific writers have attempted to describe what love is. I won’t assume that I have something further to offer. However, an understanding between-the-lines may have been overlooked. And this is what I dare to observe and share.

When we authentically‒with an open heart and mind‒aspire to learn about who we are, and where we come from, rather than allowing ourselves to be defined by conventional societal doctrines and/or expectations, we begin to reignite and germinate the seed of love as endowed by the universe in a way that is not ego-driven or subject to the values of outside misinformed or ill-directive forces.  Re-membering our values is where our love and loving will find authentic, effective ways to share spaces of creative peace and passion.

So, I express to all… Be Thy Valentine.  Namaste.

Happy Winter Solstice

Oh I get it - it's like, "Build a seed."

Oh I get it – it’s like, “Build a seed.”

As the longest dark night of the year meets its end, the cosmic universe beckons us to recognize, capture and ignite a new light within. This is not to capture and ignite a newness with which we are most familiar. This is a newness that requires incubation. A newness that enlightens – a newness that brings us out of a darkness into a new light. Reflection is the keyword here as we reconnect, re-conduct, integrate and celebrate this annual winter solstice – 12/21/15, 11:48 p.m.

The winter solstice gives us the opportunity to reflect, remember, focus and then geminate in order to produce the seed that most reflect our authentic God-given intentions. Reflection provides the opportunity to correct and/or affirm past actions. Focusing directs your neuro-pathways – a process that inspires and wires neuro-connection. Once focused, you then germinate the conscious conductor of the energy with which your brainwaves receive and obey.

Such is the stuff of divine order. May we all recognize that what we think, we attract, become and create. I wish that we all realize that the truth we seek is a gift that has always been within us. I pray that we understand why the winter solstice is the best time to reflect and direct this gift.

The winter solstice is in keeping with natural divine order – Happy Renewed New Year everyone! I wish us all continued Love & Light! ~Namaste.


Fa la la la lie

Fa la la la lie

We are born of grace; we are not born in sin. The bible/koran/torah‒as it is presented ‒ is a lie – it is not the whole, complete, unfiltered word of God. It is a compilation of inspired and sometimes conspired words of men. The reason why this time of year is so sacred is not because of some contrived “you were born of sin so do what I tell you to do to get saved/laid/chose diatribe.” It’s sacred because we are divine. Our most revered messengers have espoused this truth, yet mankind has managed to contort their messages for their own selfish, violent, controlling gain.

We are loved and we are love. Live the magic and not the illusion of this time of year. How you choose to view the world is the reality you create. The messengers before us espoused their truth because they were inspired to do so. You are no less capable of inspiration. Tap into the truth you were born with; the truth with which we are all endowed. You are the Light. Be bright! Namaste.


Excuse me, do you have change for a dollar?

Excuse me, do you have change for a dollar?

No, but I do have change of heart and change of mind and… hey wait a minute, I think I do have change for a dollar… in fact, here… just keep the change.

Talking about change can be cheap – cheaper than change for a dollar, but talk of change is something society is aching for – though I’m not sure society is clear on what the ultimate result of change looks like. I think they’re just weary of the status quo. However, the more change is demanded the harder the push against change. Yet those who push against change face an inevitable, unavoidable shift in human consciousness.

Waves of change wash over earth’s shores as factions fight to thwart it… as if. A paradigm shift has already occurred; humanity is catching up and/or catching on as a compassionate, supportive multi-verse patiently awaits the click – or the “ah hah” moment. Imagine a world where capitalism doesn’t drive us. Imagine realizing that we’ve had the joy we seek within us… all along.

A dear friend once told me that change is the same ole thing with a different spin. I can understand why one would come to that conclusion. You see, change doesn’t happen on a dime, though at times it appears as such. Change happens in a slow spiral – as a direct result of the energetic trajectory of humankind’s evolutionary sphere.

How we shape and/or accept and embrace change for the good is through our loving, forgiving spirits. I “Googled” the word ‘love’ and got over 5 billion results; I “Googled” the word ‘forgive’ and only got 89 million – that’s a comparatively very low number. Why do you think there’s such a disparity between those two words?

One site on love defined it as a selfless and contented mind. I say that the mindset of selflessness and content begins in the heart. As a wise dearly departed fellow spirit once said, “When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change.” Namaste.

Comfort and Joy

Stoney Tune

Forgive me?

Yesterday I realized how challenged I have been with respect to evolving emotionally – how important it is to enhance my emotional intelligence (EI). Yes, I’ve always known the importance of emotional intelligence, but I’ve been so tuned to EI intellectually, I’ve neglected, or at the very least took for granted, my EI cues. I woke up this morning filled with regret of how I might have responded more positively here.

So today, I jump back onto the proverbial “fallen off the horse,” metaphor and vow to continue to strive to become more mindful of my “response-ability.” Tis the season to be reflective – we all get mushy during this time of year, and rightly so. Yet we also get sensitive – wearing our feelings on our sleeves where they can be easily crushed by others who are also facing emotional challenges – hurt people hurt people, you know? Yet energetically, our tendency to hurt while hurt in fact perpetuates our pain.

I know that Comfort and Joy is within my reach. I’ve actually experienced it on many occasions. Yet to sit in the seat of Comfort and Joy and bask in the glory and grace thereof takes practice. I know I am blessed – we all are, no matter how challenging or painful we perceive our lives to be now. I heard something today that inspired my ability to enhance my own EI – and that was to identify and appreciate the good in people.

I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused others in my words and deeds – and I realize that sometimes saying, “I’m sorry,” is not enough. I ask forgiveness of those I’ve transgressed. I am grateful for the daily opportunity to amend and transcend my transgressions by becoming the best person I can be. God bless us, every one. Namaste.

Tears of the past – Let Flow, Let Go

...sniff.  Yay!

…sniff. Yay!

This is the second half of my most favorite season of the year –the first half is late spring/all summer. During the late spring/all summer months – living is comparably easy. The second half, however, begs a different emotion – that of endurance, compassion and remembrance. This season – end of October through the end of January – challenges me to reflect on past transgressions and to learn how to forgive them. This season also challenges me to recognize and embrace gratitude. Most of all, this season affords me the ultimate gift – the opportunity to receive unconditional love from the universe, the multi-verse, God… if you will.

Like a river flowing through valleys of experiences on a never-ending ever-evolving journey, the channels of my life seek challenges, growth, and comfort on its path. My soul is the vessel that holds true these journeys and experiences as my spirit’s unconditional love guide me. This season allows for a deeper perspective to review in preparation to renew. The mists of these waters whisper…trace it, embrace it, let it flow, then let it go. ~Namaste

The Messiah Complex

Oh yikes! We have to save ourselves?

Oh yikes! We have to save ourselves?

As we become bombarded by the media with political rhetoric about who how when where and why any particular presidential candidate can either effectively dismiss pass political efforts and/or profess future successful political tactics as to who how when where and why the life of Americans are, should, can, and/or will be better, let’s keep in mind one very important thing… IT”S JUST RHETORIC! Even the current president recently quoted that, “…it’s one thing to run for president, and another thing to be president.” That being said, what’s important here is that we tend to vote for the rhetoric, rather than being attentive to and responsible for the dysfunction and potential of our, “state of the union.”

Let’s agree that the proposed ideals of America by our so-called founding fathers were awesome. Let’s also agree‒ or at least debate‒ that these ideals never happened.  “All Men are Created Equal?” Never happened.  It’s no wonder why, “all people were created equal…” was never even mentioned in their declaration.   Women.  Nomenclature notwithstanding.

But that’s another blog.

America and the world are a dysfunctional family. We are, however, on University Earth, endeavoring to progressively evolve (redundant? Good!) Life is not a cycle, it’s a spiral; and while we continue to repeat the misgivings of our ancestors, there are some of us who understand where and how we’ve dropped the ball for the sake of ego and are willing and able to, “kick it up a notch.”

May we remember that it is our responsibility to know that it is our will and our works that create our reality. May we not concede that fact and that responsibility to self-serving, ineffective, powerless figureheads. I pray that we realize the significance and necessity of becoming more prolific as to how we express our will and our works. I pray that we come to know that, “we the people,” is in fact, “we the people,” and not Congress or the President. We vote these people into office on our behalf people.  Let’s be wise about who how and why we do so. Namaste.

…And God Said



There is no other way to capture your attention than to say that YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. When, how, and where is less relative than why. All my life, I have been dismissed by people who could not or would not realize that the truth as we believe it was contrived. I suspect their reasoning was because if they had realized that fact, it would thwart their very belief system and/or motives… a painful, dismantling reality. I know, because I’ve been there. When your belief structure supports a lie, the truth is the enemy. You then resist the truth in support of the real enemy. Yet if you open your hearts and minds just long enough to receive what you ALREADY KNOW… the walls come tumbling down. And as a result, we ultimately create OurStory. Not HERstory – not HISstory… but OURstory. Because it’s ultimately not about gender or belief… it’s really about re-membering. Know Yourself. Find your Inner Truth. Dare to See. Namaste. Blessed be.

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