The Perils of Cyberspace

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Oh right!  Almost forgot!

Take Back Your Sovereignty – The Perils of Cyberspace

Recently, I confirmed (because I always suspected) that the internet in all it’s fancy smancy ‘free’ access was actually sucking the life out of us.  Not only providing a hypnotic platform for inhibiting spiritual growth, but literally aggregating our behaviours so that they could market it for capital gain.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-technology, I am only anti those techniques that displaces or disenfranchises us against universal truths – a tactic that I have found to be increasingly prevalent and perennial.

Do you think that free email or other free internet accesses are really free?  Naively, I actually thought so at one point.  And then I realized that these so-called “free” cyber-venues had an agenda of their own – an agenda that was not (or had become not) in our best interest.

How do we deal with such nefarious antics?  We go back to basics.

I recently heard that the pope addressed fake news as the snake offering eve a bogus deal.  The real fake news is the story of “adam and eve” writ large.  Adam {atom] Eve {twilight}.  Sun and Moon, day and night, light and dark, up and down, right and wrong… OR… yin and yang.  The universe doesn’t judge ya’ll – modern religion is fake news.

Not unlike the techniques that have disenfranchised and disillusioned us from universal truths today, so it was in times of old – where print was the culprit, and before that – drawings.

The powers that be designed fake information in the hopes that if it was close enough to universal law – yet alluring enough to believe their mis-truths – they could control humankind.  So far it has worked almost flawlessly.  The only thing they couldn’t factor in was our spiritual sovereignty.

From the so-called “free” literature painted on cave walls and dropped on doorsteps in ancient times to the so-called “free” interactive cyberspace, humankind has been manipulated because we forgot who we are and were lured into a value system that we aspire to but could never achieve.  Just recently I heard that only 1 percent of the world population significantly increased their wealth, while the bottom 50 percent saw nothing if not less.  It’s a dangling carrot people –an illusion that sucks you in and makes you a perpetual wannabe soaked in the capitalistic morass of the definition of value.

That uneasy feeling you have in your heart and in your gut is your spirit beckoning you to take back your spiritual sovereignty.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Remember your spiritual roots people. Derail the self-serving, divisive intentions of the powers-that-be.  Know yourself, find your INNER truth, and then… dare to be! Namaste.



Will Celestial Wonders Ever Cease?

Will celestial wonders ever cease?  New Year Magic in 2018

Stoney Tune

Group hug!

2018 launches under a Cancer supermoon (largest/closest full moon to earth in 2018) that depicts bold emotional tidings. It’s an opportunity to enhance one’s Emotional Intelligence (EI).  Opposing newly entered Saturn in Capricorn, this full moon promises to make or break us in the realm of emotional intelligence.  Either way – we learn.

Trining Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, this full moon’s dark side suggests that sabotage is a definite possibility with this energy dynamic – sabotage to either oneself or to others – don’t do it!  If there was ever a poignant karmic position, it’s this one. But again – either way, we learn.

Emotional Intelligence requires embracing unnerving truths, and other challenging situations with patience, understanding, compassion… and yes, even love.  Rather than withdrawing into one’s own emotional shell and expecting others to climb in there with us or clawing out of it and lashing onto others – EI is a belaboring, yet loving process that asks us to rise above and work with egoic principles, while learning how to resonate and synthesize within a higher energy vibration onto the ever-growing spiral of life.

Saturn is about responsibility – the ability to respond effectively to one’s environment.  The moon inspires nurturing, caring, and reflective action.  How does one OWN one’s actions?  Can you look back and see how past choices resulted in your current circumstance?  Good, bad, or indifferent, it is essential to understand that what we feel sculpts our humanness and determines our thought process.  Therein what we think creates our reality and impacts others.

For me, understanding, trusting and loving myself over these many years strengthens the process upon which I can embrace unnerving truths, and challenging situations with patience, understanding, compassion… and yes, love.  I pray that we all capture the energy of this New Year.  Namaste.

Saturn and Capricorn and Joy – oh my!

Stoney Tune

Joy to the world!

I don’t believe in Santa, but I do believe in the spirit of Christmas and always have.  As the Sun (son) and Saturn poises itself to enter Capricorn in this yuletide season, a light bulb went off!  The energy of Saturn and Capricorn is about karma – what you give you get.  That concept in and of itself is a gift.  I reflected on the whole Santa having a nice or naughty list and understood that this is one of many metaphors gleaned throughout the ages.  A metaphor that means that what you give, you get – karma personified.

The gift of Christmas is not about toys and stuff – it’s about understanding the light of the universe and the dynamic of reciprocity – who you are and what that personifies impacts the joy and celebration all of humanity as it uplifts and enhances our never-ending, ever-expanding journey of becoming.  Joy is the end result of sharing‒when we give of ourselves we receive in return a deep sense of connection that compels us to move on with more sharing and thus more joy.

The spirit of Christmas is an energy that aligns with the stars and offers us a chance to understand the manifestation of how we’ve lived our lives throughout the year.  This particular energy dynamic is an opportunity to define or redefine ourselves upon reflection.  This energy denotes a window of understanding of the culmination of who we are and/or have become over previous years.

I trust that we are all aware of and responsible for the way we use our energy and are mindful of its impact on others – this is the true spirit of Christmas – caring, sharing, and the ability to respond effectively to our environment – response-ability.  Love is the key.  Merry Light!

Net Neutrality or Net Neutered?

Stoney Tune

There’s more than one way to skin a prick – give ’em enough rope…

The good news is that the internet has successfully served to reconnect Gaia’s children to each other worldwide.  That is what religion meant in one of the most prolific dead languages – Sanskrit – to reconnect.  Any attempt by the powers-that-be (ptbs) to mitigate or propagate anything other than this re connection is ultimately futile.  Afterall, their game is to divide and conquer – and divinity don’t play that.

I was shocked when I realized that most people get their news from the internet.  This means to me that instead of seeking information, most people just wait for info to come to them.  Yet it is important to remember that the internet is a double-edged sword.  However, in the net neutrality scenario, the sword is attempting to be singular.

Anyone ever heard of the “Hundredth-monkey effect?” this is a phenomena where certain primate species were experimentally separated into different parts of the world and observed to behave similarly  – this was a study where a group of primates were separated and removed to one part of the world while other groups were taken to different parts of the world.  The first set of primates were treated in a particular sort of way and it was found that the reaction of the treatment observed in the first set of primates, were also observed in the other 2 sets of  primates situated  in different parts of the world who had not directly experienced that treatment.  How are we exempt from this process? We are all interconnected – our individual actions and reactions effect each other.  Remember the Entanglement Theory?  If not, please read it on one of my previous blogs.

“We the people,” may not benefit from this most recent congressional decision – but we do not have to become subjects to and victims of their intents and purposes.

Like robots or any other receptacle of synthetic intelligence, we have historically become programmed to serve a false narrative regarding the identity and purpose of humanity and our journey thereof. The ptbs can bask in the glory of their greed and ignorance as they continue to spoon-feed us lies and mistruths – but not unlike the Atlantians, they will implode!

No worries people – the ptbs are ultimately neutering themselves.  We are directly connected to the “God-force.”  Stay focused. Stay strong. Seek your own knowledge.  “Know thyself, through which you will come to know all things.”

Love & Light!

Future Shock

Stoney Tune

See – toldcha – wake up ya’ll

Why and how is it that humanity chooses to continue to adhere to a lie rather than seek the truth about their own existence?

My proposed short answer is because in order to reverse inculcated belief systems, one must face an uncomfortable shock into reality.

Gaia is an awesome spaceship nurturing all who lands here.  She is a wonder filled place to reincarnate as we traverse this vast and magical landscape also known as university earth.  It’s a universe narrowly focused on our intrastellar curriculum here.   We’re ultimately members of a multi-verse, but that’s another blog.

As I have incessantly inferred throughout my blogs, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience on this path of ever-evolving, never-ending journeys of becoming.  What we must learn through this particular co-creative process, is that as spiritual beings we are energy, and energy is as energy does.

Remember your intent, and trust your journey. Though it may be uncomfortable to look inside yourself, it is well worth the effort, and there are comforting and supportive spirits on the other side of the lie here to sooth your wounds.  Don’t be a pawn on someone else’s game board.  The greatest beaches are sovereign grains of sand.  Know yourself, find your inner-truth – dare to be!

Wise up!

Why does humanity continue to squabble over lies?

The word “warrior,” has lost its logos and now merely produces chaos.  It is time for us to take a long, deep look into our souls and realize that we have been navigating upon a false narrative of the human story.  Only then will we come to grips with this Abrahamic power dynamic which has only served to divide and conquer through deception, war, power-mongering, fear and destruction – and they were really good at it.

This whole Jerusalem thing is a ruse mired in ignorance and manipulation intent on simply conquering for the pure sake of appeasing an over-inflated ego’s sense of perceived power.   It is no coincidence that Jerusalem has high popularity‒and no coincidence that the powers-that-be (ptbs) are utilizing this geographic space yet again for its power-mongering, divisive purposes–especially around this time of year.  This tactic is primarily designed as an opiate for religiosity in an ongoing attempt to prevent humanity from waking up to authentic clarity as to who we are, where we came from, and how to connect the dots or follow the breadcrumbs (or the yellow brick road) toward the divinity left for us to humbly and joyfully embrace our current destiny on this never-ending, ever-evolving journey.

“The three wise men,” truly represents a constellation in the sky reflecting our authentic spiritual heritage whose meaning was distorted and/or discredited by ptbs. Mind you, most ptbs are well aware of humanity’s depth, but ignorantly, arrogantly, erroneously, and continuously opt to cloak the truth for their own detrimentally, self-serving, nefarious purposes.

Wise up people! You are nebulously beautiful! Follow the stars! We are Stardust!

Believe – Know – Let it Show

Stoney Tune

Merry Christmas Everyone! Remember that Christ really means light – so Merry Light!

Mankind has got to get its shit together. Floundering in moral morass, while clinging to tribalism is a cultural conundrum destined to circular rather than spiral energetic motion.  Where we’re stuck is in knowing who we really are and where we really come from – where we’re going… well, that’s always been up to us.

Since we’re largely in a place of forgetfulness, with respect to who we are and where we came from, the most logical first step is to believe.  That phrase (yes I know it’s a word) had been vicariously used for centuries. But what would you have that phrase connote?  Does it mean… believe what is said to you?” “believe in yourself?” “believe in the universal dynamic that reflects you?”  I could go on and on, however, who’s tired of the circular circus? Who would choose to kick it up a notch rather than to continue to support this endless circular paradigm?  Are you really happier clinging on to an old paradigm…  is the familiarity in the hope of lies serving as a comfort zone for you? Ask yourself, “does fear displace knowing?”

As we enter yet another yuletide season, may we draw upon the cosmological energy provided, and ignite the ever-evolving rebirth the universe affords.  How do you do it?  I do it by rekindling and honoring my belief in and understanding of the all that is, albeit in remembrance, gratitude, and/or ceremony; I trust that every season that passes allows us to reflect and project our inner knowingness which draw us closer to the truth of Oneness.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Remember that Christ really means light – so Merry Light!

Mining Humans

What happens when one believes that one is at the top of their game?  There’s no place else to go – so now what? Struggle.  Humans need struggle – without it there’s no growth here on University Earth. Hence, the message for those who are not supposedly at the top of their game is to be grateful for the struggle and stop wanting what ‘they’ have. Stop modeling success after those who have already figured out that you could never win with the model of their economic construct. Create your own model.

Today, the script is flipped – struggle is now simply a challenge for those who experience it, and for those who are supposedly at the top of their game – well, welcome to the struggle – it’s divine.  Incidentally, to those of you who are supposedly at the top of your game – you’re no stranger to struggle – so tap into your memory in order to evoke and strengthen your evolutionary experience. We are all children of the Universe.

All the Breitbart players have invested in an understanding of how to disenfranchise the human spirit by dangling an unobtainable carrot.  We who have bought into this capitalistic paradigm are at risk in being lost in its elusive wake.

We are currently at an evolutionary crossroads never before experienced in modern documented history – nothing new here, just new again with opportunities to be renewed.

Tap into your Akashic Records, modernly phrased “DNA,” and reclaim your authentic history.  In doing so, you exponentially realize your true beingness – who you are, where you came from, and where you’re headed.  Don’t take the blue pill people (or is it red?) – remember who you are – reclaim your true spiritual inheritance.

So what does this all have to do with mining humans?  When you’ve ignored your spiritual growth for exclusive earthly procurement you’ve become a zombie.  In order to perpetuate your projection of wealth, you need to sift the human experience for those who still believe in your economic model and utilize their behavior to support your model – hence, mining humans. Educators, Scientists, Writers, Artists, Athletes – hardworkers everywhere -realize that you are the wealth and stop allowing yourself to be mined by zombies.

I Don’t Wanna Play

Stoney Tune

Get real! Okay?

Those who have known me for more than a decade are familiar with that well worn phrase – I don’t wanna play.  It stems from a lifelong perception of how one can allow others to be weaved into their game rather than playing from one’s own chessboard.  I know “the manipulative game,” I fell into it myself the first three decades of my life – it doesn’t work. Having gained more emotional intelligence over the years, I’ve looked back and realized how much energy has been wasted over playing that game rather than focusing on the perfection of your own path.  Face it, if the success of your path hinged on your ability to manipulate others we’d be exactly where we are now… living in a phony, manipulative world where words and deeds are ironically and diametrically opposed.

I am currently in an atmosphere that is drenched in manipulation – be it consciously or unconsciously, and let me tell you… it’s a hard pill to regurgitate.  It’s challenging to live in an environment where words and deeds don’t match.  Where drama is more important than dreams.  It’s exhausting to maintain integrity in a pit of constant temptation.  Ever notice how when you resolve to be a better person challenges abound?  Yep!  However, I’m learning that spearing through those challenges rather than going around them is much more effective.  It’s energy talking to energy.  Energy letting other energy know that I don’t wanna play that game.  Energy emitting an authenticity that eventually transcends “the game.”  Now I ain’t there yet – but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am focused on that destination and up to the roadblocks that will inevitably show up.  I don’t wanna play your game.  I don’t want you to play my game.  I just want to soulfully become the best person that I can be – the person I chose to be pre-incarnate – and let the chess pieces fall as they may.   Blessed be.  Namaste.

The Mis-education of our Children

Stoney Tune

Don’t worry sis… I never believed those books

Education: Re-member vs. Dis-member

When I was 5, I was so excited on my first day of school. My only brother, who was 4 then, was so sad that he couldn’t join me. I assured him that I would bring him home a carton of chocolate milk – cause that’s what they did… gave chocolate milk. Don’t ask me how I knew that – I don’t remember. I told my brother that story because I wanted to comfort him. But I never brought him that carton of chocolate milk.

I was excited to go to school because of my thirst for knowledge. However, as it turned out, Kindergarten to Third grade became an excruciatingly downward slope of academic disappointment.

I remember walking up those three flights of stone stairs going to my third grade class calculating how much longer I’d have to do this… “let me see, I’m in third grade now so by 12th… 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… oh shoot I can’t do this… This is soooooo boring – somebody help me… please!!!!

The mis-education of our children has been criminal. I knew it existed, even in third grade, but I just could not express it with the global impact it warranted – not at 8 years old. I just knew that the information shoved down my throat gagged me. All I could think of was getting the hell out of school.

Education, as it turned out, has been the cornerstone of my evolution. A mixture of discernment and self-enlightenment has brought me from the hell-hole of a mis-educated society designed to control and disempower most and enhance others to a literal heavenly-empowered understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Don’t take the blue bill people… or is it the red? … or white. Oh shoot, don’t take pills… go organic!

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