I Don’t Wanna Play

Stoney Tune

Get real! Okay?

Those who have known me for more than a decade are familiar with that well worn phrase – I don’t wanna play.  It stems from a lifelong perception of how one can allow others to be weaved into their game rather than playing from one’s own chessboard.  I know “the manipulative game,” I fell into it myself the first three decades of my life – it doesn’t work. Having gained more emotional intelligence over the years, I’ve looked back and realized how much energy has been wasted over playing that game rather than focusing on the perfection of your own path.  Face it, if the success of your path hinged on your ability to manipulate others we’d be exactly where we are now… living in a phony, manipulative world where words and deeds are ironically and diametrically opposed.

I am currently in an atmosphere that is drenched in manipulation – be it consciously or unconsciously, and let me tell you… it’s a hard pill to regurgitate.  It’s challenging to live in an environment where words and deeds don’t match.  Where drama is more important than dreams.  It’s exhausting to maintain integrity in a pit of constant temptation.  Ever notice how when you resolve to be a better person challenges abound?  Yep!  However, I’m learning that spearing through those challenges rather than going around them is much more effective.  It’s energy talking to energy.  Energy letting other energy know that I don’t wanna play that game.  Energy emitting an authenticity that eventually transcends “the game.”  Now I ain’t there yet – but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am focused on that destination and up to the roadblocks that will inevitably show up.  I don’t wanna play your game.  I don’t want you to play my game.  I just want to soulfully become the best person that I can be – the person I chose to be pre-incarnate – and let the chess pieces fall as they may.   Blessed be.  Namaste.