Pisces Solar Eclipse

Stoney Tune

It’s a climax without the… well… you know

The coming Solar Eclipse and You – Tuesday, March 8th

A new moon/solar eclipse is an especially enlightening gift from the universe that can re- ignite (aka re-member) the seeds of our innate intent in order to exponentially grow and glow. Here’s a hint on how we can best utilize this universal gift astrologically:

Aries:   Confusion may cloud your judgment. However, trust that acting authentically from your heart will ultimately prevail.

Taurus:  Dare to come out of your comfort zone and share with others – your genius shines.

Gemini:  Your authenticity is under scrutiny; make sure that others can’t exploit any cracks in your armor

Cancer:  What you thought you knew may not be true. Open your heart and mind and expand your journey

Leo:  Your ego may misunderstand the inherent gifts that will be given to you. Be kind, grateful and generous.

Virgo:  Listen with patience and compassion and there will be mutual affirmation and support in the enhancement of emotional intelligence

Libra:  Recognize, trust and share your unique talents – otherwise your well being may suffer

Scorpio: Your creative prowess abounds. Now is the time to convey your feelings to those you love

Sagittarius:  Securing your foundation is key here. Family is one of the main focuses as you tend to the seeds of your creation

Capricorn:  A sense of community is where best to serve your energies. Efforts of communal activity and family support are sure to succeed.

Aquarius:  Re-evaluating your values will enhance your ability to place your treasures where they are needed most.

Pisces:  The phrase “Let Go Let God” has never been more potent for you. If you are feeling anger, fear, resentment and/or judgment, open your heart to a love you have forgotten – you will find that it has been there all along.


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