The Mis-education of our Children

Stoney Tune

Don’t worry sis… I never believed those books

Education: Re-member vs. Dis-member

When I was 5, I was so excited on my first day of school. My only brother, who was 4 then, was so sad that he couldn’t join me. I assured him that I would bring him home a carton of chocolate milk – cause that’s what they did… gave chocolate milk. Don’t ask me how I knew that – I don’t remember. I told my brother that story because I wanted to comfort him. But I never brought him that carton of chocolate milk.

I was excited to go to school because of my thirst for knowledge. However, as it turned out, Kindergarten to Third grade became an excruciatingly downward slope of academic disappointment.

I remember walking up those three flights of stone stairs going to my third grade class calculating how much longer I’d have to do this… “let me see, I’m in third grade now so by 12th… 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… oh shoot I can’t do this… This is soooooo boring – somebody help me… please!!!!

The mis-education of our children has been criminal. I knew it existed, even in third grade, but I just could not express it with the global impact it warranted – not at 8 years old. I just knew that the information shoved down my throat gagged me. All I could think of was getting the hell out of school.

Education, as it turned out, has been the cornerstone of my evolution. A mixture of discernment and self-enlightenment has brought me from the hell-hole of a mis-educated society designed to control and disempower most and enhance others to a literal heavenly-empowered understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Don’t take the blue bill people… or is it the red? … or white. Oh shoot, don’t take pills… go organic!


Pisces Solar Eclipse

Stoney Tune

It’s a climax without the… well… you know

The coming Solar Eclipse and You – Tuesday, March 8th

A new moon/solar eclipse is an especially enlightening gift from the universe that can re- ignite (aka re-member) the seeds of our innate intent in order to exponentially grow and glow. Here’s a hint on how we can best utilize this universal gift astrologically:

Aries:   Confusion may cloud your judgment. However, trust that acting authentically from your heart will ultimately prevail.

Taurus:  Dare to come out of your comfort zone and share with others – your genius shines.

Gemini:  Your authenticity is under scrutiny; make sure that others can’t exploit any cracks in your armor

Cancer:  What you thought you knew may not be true. Open your heart and mind and expand your journey

Leo:  Your ego may misunderstand the inherent gifts that will be given to you. Be kind, grateful and generous.

Virgo:  Listen with patience and compassion and there will be mutual affirmation and support in the enhancement of emotional intelligence

Libra:  Recognize, trust and share your unique talents – otherwise your well being may suffer

Scorpio: Your creative prowess abounds. Now is the time to convey your feelings to those you love

Sagittarius:  Securing your foundation is key here. Family is one of the main focuses as you tend to the seeds of your creation

Capricorn:  A sense of community is where best to serve your energies. Efforts of communal activity and family support are sure to succeed.

Aquarius:  Re-evaluating your values will enhance your ability to place your treasures where they are needed most.

Pisces:  The phrase “Let Go Let God” has never been more potent for you. If you are feeling anger, fear, resentment and/or judgment, open your heart to a love you have forgotten – you will find that it has been there all along.