Trust Your Journey

Stoney Tune

Re-cultivate culture? Wow! Now that sounds Springy

As winter spirit’s gift prevails, she also beckons farewell. May we all express our gratitude for her nurturance and wisdom as we recognize and honor her perennial universal blessings. An incubation period, this is the most potent state of reflection as we create with intent the stuff that’s going to impregnate the seeds with which we implant our intents in order to bud come spring. Let’s re-cultivate culture to include all of the children of the universe. There is no such thing as the “chosen few,” it is a xenophobic concept used to spotlight delusional self importance – sounds familiar? Can we say Trump?

We understood our all-encompassing, all-inclusive universal – indeed multi-versal– kinship pre-incarnate. Yet societal dictates, and the lure of what have become whatever empty carnal rewards thereof, have thrown us off our inherent understandings. Yet it has both challenged and enhanced our journey. Know that we are coming around and are growing weary of societal dictates. We appreciate that while our earthly experiences both enhance and satiate our souls, it is only part and partial of the whole being that we are here to become spiritually.

When we wake up every morning, we may wonder or affirm or aspire – or not, what our purpose is.  Rest assured that you have already chosen your purpose.

Open your hearts and minds and… Trust your journey. Namaste.


Happy Valentine Everyone

Stoney Tune

Be Thy Valentine


Valentine to me is the expression of love in shared creative spaces of peace  and passion.

Every Valentine’s Day reflects or projects a celebration, expectation and/or hope of true love. Love expresses itself in many ways – self-love, however, is the integral factor and foundation of any and all kinds of true love.  As we approach this most auspicious day, let us first remember how important it is to know ourselves and love ourselves first. Otherwise we relinquish our power and risk handing over the fate of shared love to others who may not know themselves. Hence, a vicious cycle of misguided, unrequited love.  Countless prolific writers have attempted to describe what love is. I won’t assume that I have something further to offer. However, an understanding between-the-lines may have been overlooked. And this is what I dare to observe and share.

When we authentically‒with an open heart and mind‒aspire to learn about who we are, and where we come from, rather than allowing ourselves to be defined by conventional societal doctrines and/or expectations, we begin to reignite and germinate the seed of love as endowed by the universe in a way that is not ego-driven or subject to the values of outside misinformed or ill-directive forces.  Re-membering our values is where our love and loving will find authentic, effective ways to share spaces of creative peace and passion.

So, I express to all… Be Thy Valentine.  Namaste.