Fa la la la lie

Fa la la la lie

We are born of grace; we are not born in sin. The bible/koran/torah‒as it is presented ‒ is a lie – it is not the whole, complete, unfiltered word of God. It is a compilation of inspired and sometimes conspired words of men. The reason why this time of year is so sacred is not because of some contrived “you were born of sin so do what I tell you to do to get saved/laid/chose diatribe.” It’s sacred because we are divine. Our most revered messengers have espoused this truth, yet mankind has managed to contort their messages for their own selfish, violent, controlling gain.

We are loved and we are love. Live the magic and not the illusion of this time of year. How you choose to view the world is the reality you create. The messengers before us espoused their truth because they were inspired to do so. You are no less capable of inspiration. Tap into the truth you were born with; the truth with which we are all endowed. You are the Light. Be bright! Namaste.


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