Comfort and Joy

Stoney Tune

Forgive me?

Yesterday I realized how challenged I have been with respect to evolving emotionally – how important it is to enhance my emotional intelligence (EI). Yes, I’ve always known the importance of emotional intelligence, but I’ve been so tuned to EI intellectually, I’ve neglected, or at the very least took for granted, my EI cues. I woke up this morning filled with regret of how I might have responded more positively here.

So today, I jump back onto the proverbial “fallen off the horse,” metaphor and vow to continue to strive to become more mindful of my “response-ability.” Tis the season to be reflective – we all get mushy during this time of year, and rightly so. Yet we also get sensitive – wearing our feelings on our sleeves where they can be easily crushed by others who are also facing emotional challenges – hurt people hurt people, you know? Yet energetically, our tendency to hurt while hurt in fact perpetuates our pain.

I know that Comfort and Joy is within my reach. I’ve actually experienced it on many occasions. Yet to sit in the seat of Comfort and Joy and bask in the glory and grace thereof takes practice. I know I am blessed – we all are, no matter how challenging or painful we perceive our lives to be now. I heard something today that inspired my ability to enhance my own EI – and that was to identify and appreciate the good in people.

I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused others in my words and deeds – and I realize that sometimes saying, “I’m sorry,” is not enough. I ask forgiveness of those I’ve transgressed. I am grateful for the daily opportunity to amend and transcend my transgressions by becoming the best person I can be. God bless us, every one. Namaste.


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