Tears of the past – Let Flow, Let Go

...sniff.  Yay!

…sniff. Yay!

This is the second half of my most favorite season of the year –the first half is late spring/all summer. During the late spring/all summer months – living is comparably easy. The second half, however, begs a different emotion – that of endurance, compassion and remembrance. This season – end of October through the end of January – challenges me to reflect on past transgressions and to learn how to forgive them. This season also challenges me to recognize and embrace gratitude. Most of all, this season affords me the ultimate gift – the opportunity to receive unconditional love from the universe, the multi-verse, God… if you will.

Like a river flowing through valleys of experiences on a never-ending ever-evolving journey, the channels of my life seek challenges, growth, and comfort on its path. My soul is the vessel that holds true these journeys and experiences as my spirit’s unconditional love guide me. This season allows for a deeper perspective to review in preparation to renew. The mists of these waters whisper…trace it, embrace it, let it flow, then let it go. ~Namaste


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