Tears of the past – Let Flow, Let Go

...sniff.  Yay!

…sniff. Yay!

This is the second half of my most favorite season of the year –the first half is late spring/all summer. During the late spring/all summer months – living is comparably easy. The second half, however, begs a different emotion – that of endurance, compassion and remembrance. This season – end of October through the end of January – challenges me to reflect on past transgressions and to learn how to forgive them. This season also challenges me to recognize and embrace gratitude. Most of all, this season affords me the ultimate gift – the opportunity to receive unconditional love from the universe, the multi-verse, God… if you will.

Like a river flowing through valleys of experiences on a never-ending ever-evolving journey, the channels of my life seek challenges, growth, and comfort on its path. My soul is the vessel that holds true these journeys and experiences as my spirit’s unconditional love guide me. This season allows for a deeper perspective to review in preparation to renew. The mists of these waters whisper…trace it, embrace it, let it flow, then let it go. ~Namaste


The Messiah Complex

Oh yikes! We have to save ourselves?

Oh yikes! We have to save ourselves?

As we become bombarded by the media with political rhetoric about who how when where and why any particular presidential candidate can either effectively dismiss pass political efforts and/or profess future successful political tactics as to who how when where and why the life of Americans are, should, can, and/or will be better, let’s keep in mind one very important thing… IT”S JUST RHETORIC! Even the current president recently quoted that, “…it’s one thing to run for president, and another thing to be president.” That being said, what’s important here is that we tend to vote for the rhetoric, rather than being attentive to and responsible for the dysfunction and potential of our, “state of the union.”

Let’s agree that the proposed ideals of America by our so-called founding fathers were awesome. Let’s also agree‒ or at least debate‒ that these ideals never happened.  “All Men are Created Equal?” Never happened.  It’s no wonder why, “all people were created equal…” was never even mentioned in their declaration.   Women.  Nomenclature notwithstanding.

But that’s another blog.

America and the world are a dysfunctional family. We are, however, on University Earth, endeavoring to progressively evolve (redundant? Good!) Life is not a cycle, it’s a spiral; and while we continue to repeat the misgivings of our ancestors, there are some of us who understand where and how we’ve dropped the ball for the sake of ego and are willing and able to, “kick it up a notch.”

May we remember that it is our responsibility to know that it is our will and our works that create our reality. May we not concede that fact and that responsibility to self-serving, ineffective, powerless figureheads. I pray that we realize the significance and necessity of becoming more prolific as to how we express our will and our works. I pray that we come to know that, “we the people,” is in fact, “we the people,” and not Congress or the President. We vote these people into office on our behalf people.  Let’s be wise about who how and why we do so. Namaste.

…And God Said



There is no other way to capture your attention than to say that YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. When, how, and where is less relative than why. All my life, I have been dismissed by people who could not or would not realize that the truth as we believe it was contrived. I suspect their reasoning was because if they had realized that fact, it would thwart their very belief system and/or motives… a painful, dismantling reality. I know, because I’ve been there. When your belief structure supports a lie, the truth is the enemy. You then resist the truth in support of the real enemy. Yet if you open your hearts and minds just long enough to receive what you ALREADY KNOW… the walls come tumbling down. And as a result, we ultimately create OurStory. Not HERstory – not HISstory… but OURstory. Because it’s ultimately not about gender or belief… it’s really about re-membering. Know Yourself. Find your Inner Truth. Dare to See. Namaste. Blessed be.

Who Are You?

Stoney Tune

You mean, we’re being duped again?

On October 11, 2015, I watched a broadcast commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. The speakers talked about unity, freedom and justice. However, the theme “Justice or Else,” seemed dubious. These participants, though varied, were non-European. One very prolific speaker from the Dominican Republic spoke of how important it is to know who you really are and where you truly came from. He urged us to trace our indigenous roots to discover how we are all connected. This movement brilliantly expressed how‒ through division‒ the minority race were able to control earth’s majority populace. The proficiency, intelligence, passion, and talent of these speakers were palpable. The truth they spoke was never more obvious and empowering. However, there was a disturbing underlying factor permeating throughout the presentation – that of conventional religious connotation. Which, believe it or not, is a divisive, controlling tactic.

Admittedly I did not watch the entire broadcast, but the one word I did not hear expressed to each other was LOVE. I heard it used for Allah, how they loved Allah and how Allah loves us – but I did not hear it being used in the context of how we should all love each other. We cannot demand justice from the unjust. We cannot demand freedom from the oppressors.  We cannot ask to be given something that the oppressors are not able to give us. We must free ourselves. Free ourselves from the oppressor’s ideologies, free ourselves from the oppressors imposed dictates on our spirituality, free ourselves from the oppressors obsession for control and power. That’s real freedom. You see, when you cannot control yourself, you seek to control those outside of yourself. Yet, one cannot control one’s environment from outside of one’s self – those actions only create chaos.

The message I wholeheartedly agreed with is that of knowing who you are. Know thyself through which you will come to know all things. Things that are beyond conventional religion and the edicts of the power-mongers, the wanna-be’s, and the self-righteous. We are spiritual beings having a human experience people. Don’t be sheeple…

Know yourself. Find your authentic inner-truth. Dare to be. Namaste.