Love Ain’t

Today I remembered that love isn’t just something we feel or something we do – it’s who we are. We are divine. We are notes in the music of divine order – we’re a song. Each of us has unique songs in the key of life–to paraphrase a brilliant, prescient songwriter/musician/singer.  I became so distracted in current events, i.e. politics, economics, family and work dynamics, that I forgot to remember to be the love.   Life is simple – we the people make it complicated by compartmentalizing ourselves as if… as if we are not one… as if we are not the divine creation with infinite possibility… as if we are alone… as if we’re not love. We all have a tract – we chose it.  Recognizing and manifesting that tract, aka path, is why we’re here.  Remembering that we are divine beings is the single most important and effective thing we can do to light our path.  Light… now there’s a word that’s been taken on a linguistic spin; it’s not just an adjective,  noun, or verb… it’s a derivative of divinity… it’s the stuff our spirits are made of.
A friend recently asked me, “what is love?” I tried to answer it in a way I thought could be absorbed. But I think I failed. Truth is, love is recognized through gnosis, and actuation, not definition. Afterall, we are love. I could go on and on about how divine we are and how important it is for us to recognize that fact. I could say it in several different ways to fluff the copy. I could give countless anecdotes of inspiration. I just won’t today. I only need to express today that I remembered that we are love.
May we remember our oneness. May we recognize that we are not, nor have we ever been, alone. I wish for our continued enlightenment. I wish that we realize that  we are love & light. ~namaste