Who’s Running This Country Anyway?

Stoney Tunes

      We the people? or… Ya’ll?

If some poor devil steals a belt
buckle, he is decapitated.  If a powerful
politician takes possession of a whole country, the professional moralizers flock to him to put their ‘wisdom’ at his disposal. The logical conclusion is  that, rather than wasting one’s time with small thefts, one should steal a
whole country. Then one will not have to go to the trouble of further thefts or
have to fear the executioner’s ax

~Chuang Tzu

How is it and why is  it that the best course of action for humanity is ignored in spite of the urgent  need to do so?

Politicians obviously do not have and can’t get a homogeneous action plan, nor do religious leaders or corporations.  Corporations, hmmm… the 10% of humanity that own and/or control 90% of the proverbial GNP (gross national [and international] product—not produce, product).  Wait a minute, I’m about to digress, but I gotta say this… how? LOBBYISTS!  Okay, now I digress… not!

Clearly, we’re not exercising our democracy here in America–a democracy that most of humanity strived to obtain and sacrificed to regain.

How is it that we’ve allowed ourselves to become separated into numerable parties, predominantly republicans and democrats, without realizing that we’re divided?  Please re-member the phrase, ‘divide and conquer.’  So here we are, at a stalemate in our nation, when in fact we’ve been steered, indeed designed, to be here.  We’re not exercising our democracy, ‘they’ exercise it for us.

Is it just me, or can we all cull the good stuff from the BS?  Why does it have to be either/or?  Why can’t it be both/and?  What is it with this tea/coffee party thing?  Pour some orange juice, have a meeting of the minds and get a grip!

As it stands, here’s what ‘they’ would have us believe:

Republican:  Moral,  Self-determined, Conservative vs. immoral/dependent/indiscriminant

Democrat:  Humane, Interconnected,  Liberal vs. self-righteous/selfish/rigid

Most of the world population strive to be moral, humane,  self-determined, and interconnected.  Who  are the rest of the world population, especially the current U.S. political climate, that prefer to be either/or? Are we following them like herded sheep?

Lao Tzu wrote: Those who understand the spirit of a law adapt it to the changing times. Those who do not understand this continue to follow it even when to do so has become harmful.

I wish that we recognize the best course of action for ourselves and for humanity.  I wish that we choose to courageously evolve rather than fearfully continue to devolve.  I pray that humanity moves toward a homogeneous existence fueled by love, forgiveness, and hope.  May we all experience this divinity in our lifetime.



Emotional Intelligence

Stoney Tunes

        EI Come Home

“…It will do. Hold onto the awareness and do not lose it. ~The Tao

When I was a child, I use to look up to adults in an admiring and respectful way.  They seemed
to be mature, strong, responsible, caring, loving beings.  As I became older, the veil from my eyes
lifted as I witnessed and experienced some pretty immature and irresponsible behavior from these same adults.  As an
adult, I am now aware of a part of our human make-up called Emotional
Intelligence (EI).  Yes, we are all aware of intelligence, but intelligence is most commonly aligned with the amount of education we possess or our ability to absorb said education.  But EI is a whole ‘nother animal.  It is becoming mature on an emotional level.

There are few beings who can claim a high IQ for EI – that’s
because it has never really been given the recognition and nurturance it
deserves.  When we ignore our EI, as we become adults, our emotions remain child-like in nature.  How do we nurture our EI?  Well, like all things, we must first acknowledge its existence, and then recognize the level of EI we possess.  Do you anger easily? Are you a pouter? Overly-sensitive?  Stubborn? Fearful? Cranky? Moody? Selfish?  Are you an ‘it’s my way or the highway kinda person?  If you answer yes to any of these questions  then your EI needs tuning up.  In fact,  most “highly intelligent” persons tend to have very low EI IQs – there are, of  course, exceptions to this rule, i.e., for those mostly in the business of  caring for others – nurses, for instance, tend to have fairly developed EI –  but most doctors, strange enough, do not; especially those in specialized  fields.

Politicians are the best example of very low EI.  I never understood how a society could  politicize itself in such dichotomous fashion.  Personally, I believe that being a republican vs. being a democrat,  et.al., is like asking which part of a baby is better than the other.  There are wonderful ideals within all parties.  Who are the people with EIs developed enough  to take the best parts of each ideal in order to support and nurture a fair environment  that promotes the type of quality of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that  is divine?  Those are the people I want  to vote for.  Mr. President, don’t  negotiate with bullies.  But I digress.

Now let’s get back to how to enhance one’s EI.  Developing one’s EI has to be heart-centered,  not brain-centered.  One must adopt and live
by the Golden Rule; you know the one… do unto others… There needs to be harmony  and balance between what you think and what you feel.  For some of us, this can take a lifetime to  develop, for others; however, achieving a developed EI is simply a matter of  being mindful of it.

I wish you all success as you gauge and develop your  EI.  I wish you peace as you embrace this  concept.  I pray that we all recognize this ability as having been endowed to us by our creator.  I pray that we all begin to live a heart-centered  life.


God Bless America… and nowhere else

…“The west has been trying to use male energy too much.  The West has lost balance, but so has the East – no society has yet evolved which can be called Israel, which can be called Tao, which has transcended both or synthesized both in such harmony that the antagonism has dissapeared.”  -the principles of tao

Stoney Tunes

I pledge allegiance to Gaia

Everytime I hear, “God Bless America,” I always think…and nowhere else?  Afterall, that’s what it implies.  I mean really, who do folks think God is?  Really!  Do you think God favors only those who favor themselves?  How arrogant!

I had the awesome opportunity to visit several
countries outside of America, and it was quite an enlightening experience.  One of the things I learned from visiting other countries was not to take liberty for granted–especially as an African-American.  However, other things
I learned were not so flattering for America.  I learned that the educational history I was afforded as a grade school student was severely edited–not only American history, but world history at-large.  And why do you think
it was edited?  Well, you do the math.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Americas.   I also love Africa, Europe, Asia, et. al.  How is it that even our President thinks that it’s okay to say, “God Bless America?”  I’ve met the President, and his ole’ lady… I mean the first lady.  She was and still is an extraordinarily delightful person, he was quite uptight – and this was when he was Illinois’ senator.  Nonetheless, I fell in love with his inaugural speech and told him as much – it was so… universal.

Yet not unlike every other presidency, I guess one ends up pledging allegiance to status quo rather than the brilliance of change and advancement that’s reflected in one’s words.  I know, I know, the President doesn’t have a magic wand, and he is dealing with increasingly hostile opposition, but come on now democrats – grow some balls.  It has become my estimation that republicans are bullies and democrats are wimps – that’s because of their selfish values.  I don’t believe either party really cares about humanity-at-large, I think that they only care about constituents – and the richer the constituent the more affection they are afforded.

I figured out a long time ago that the presidency was a figurehead, and while I appreciate how healthy it is to have varied and/or opposing views, i.e. democrats, republicans, independents, etc… I also recognize that once they all get together and swim in the same pond of political hierarchy, they are all subject to the same infectious scum that rises upon it.

I look forward to the day when mankind can come together and say, God Bless Mother Earth.  And, hopefully, it won’t necessitate an alien invasion.