It’s NOT the economy, stupid!

Stoney Tunes

Are you saying that you’re going to be nice afer this one?  Whoopie!!!!!!!!!!

It’s VALUES!  I know, I know, I’ve broached this subject in one of my earlier blogs; yet it can’t be expressed enough – not  until humanity gets it.  The universe has provided us with everything
we need, yet still we support poverty as a society through hoarding and selfishness because of greed, ignorance and  fear, as opposed to recognizing and embraching a healthy value system.  Many people have tried to make this point clear to no apparent avail.  I’ll say it again… “because we are lulled into wanting what they have, we perpetuate poverty and enable false values.” I mean, look at today’s television – while there are hundreds of channels, I can count on one hand those channels that actually offer quality programming and aid in enhancing humanity.  Public broadcast stations are more important now than ever.  The remaining channels only serve to dumb down or numb us.  It’s no wonder why Oprah decided to have her OWN network.

After this blog, I’m finished angrily yelling on top of a mountain.  It’s time
for me to nurture and project my kinder, gentler nature.  I know that we’re, en masse, already on the brink of realizing our true authentic selves.  Hence forward, I’m only going to address our authentic selves and not humor our distorted values. It is NOT the economy; it is our skewed values that have left us in the wake of a confused and misguided existence.  It is time for us to realize and become our inherit endowment – that of love, peace and joy.

Life is simple; we make it complicated by our lack of self-awareness.  I mean, c’mon – the tea party?  But I digress.  Pluto in Capricorn will serve to tear down outmoded structures to give way to new paradigms of living supported by
authentic, mutually rewarding values (more about that in future blogs).

Imagine a real utopia – one that captures humanity wholistically; one
that embraces and utilizes the natural gifts of Gaia (mother earth);  one that recognizes a multi-verse that is, in essence, us; one that realizes that there are enough resources here on earth to accommodate everyone on the planet, so there would be no need for war; one that realizes that we all come from the same fabric of life, so there would be no need for hate; one that realizes health and healing is more metaphysical than physical,  and  that it is our thoughts and feelings that heal or destroy our physical selves – that the mind/body connection is not a theory, it’s a fact; one that realizes our oneness rather than see us as separate, unrelated, disconnected groups, so that there would be no need for prejudice or fear;  one that recognizes that our stellar
surroundings are our spiritual families and not just an adornment in the sky.

May we all realize and become our stellar magic.  Blessed be.



Be The Mom

Stoney Tunes

Happy Mother’s Day Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Be the change you wish to see in the world


Happy Mother’s Day everybody!!!! Today,  I cooked a fabulous asparagus quiche for brunch, and preparing rack of lamb for dinner.  In honor of Mother’s Day, for all you folks who have and/or had wonderful relationships with your moms, I have to say, “you go girls & guys!”  You must have some kinda wonderful karma.

But for the rest of us…. 

Let’s find a way to make it better!  Many of us have had complex relationships with our moms.  We rarely realize the fact that moms are people too.  Perhaps we think of them as proverbial tits and/or  to get off our backs when they’re doing their s/mothering thing.  However, did you know that we chose our moms?  Yes!  Ponder that for a moment…   trippy huh?  Indeed we did. 

Hence – we should be the moms (or dads) we long for in our parent(s).

Unconditional love is a difficult concept for most of us.  However, I believe that unless and until we learn how to do so—we will never be able to gift it to our children.

May you all have a wonder-filled day.  May you recognize the tender, unconditional  love that we are afforded constantly from the ‘All-that- is.’  In addition to your maternal mom, may you also honor Mother Earth (Gaia) in her infinite wisdom and loving nurturance.

I pray that we spiral in our continued evolution.  I pray for our understanding that we are interconnected and that we are not alone.  I pray that we realize the neverending love of our creator, and act in gratitude on our neverending journeys to enlightenment.  Blessed be.  Love & Light.  Mwa!



Stoney Tunes

What was the question?

The world will shake us off like a bad case of fleas. ~George Carlin

Hey Ya’ll! Guess what?  I just dictated my first blog through voice recognition technology!  What an amazing experience in light of the fact that I learned how to type on a manual typewriter.  Can you imagine how geeked I am?  Tee hee.  All props go to a dear friend – thank you, Brian.  But, I digress (clearing throat).   

What does it mean to be human?  I recently heard that we are among the youngest species on the planet, and that we can learn a lot from our predecessors – namely, a sense of belonging and interconnectiveness in earth’s world-community.  How can we do right by this precious gift of humanity that we seem to take for granted? 

It use to tick me off when I would buy magazines with interesting questions only to realize after having read them that they were filled with even more questions.  Yes, we need answers, yet the answers lie within us. Then how does one access the answers within you ask?  Well, the answers are gained through quietness and stillness.   Communication is a two way street, which is the essence of prayer.  Save for grace, effective prayer is by consciously or intuitively recognizing our collective needs and by expressing and honoring the gift of prayer through listening with our hearts for the answer.  Afterall, we are human beings, and becoming human is an evolutionary process contingent upon our recognition of the tools available to us through the divine love of the All-that-Is.  None of us are victims, we chose TO BE (pre-incarnate).  Indeed, we chose our families [or the seeming lack thereof] to align with the DNA dynamic (aka Akashic Records) necessary to enhance our journeys as spiritual entities.

Unfortunately, humanities’ anger, pseudo-hate (which is really inverted love), envy, resentment, jealousy and greed has numbed us into a state of indifference; so we live non-dynamically, while our genuine self-suppressed happiness lie in wake of our realized TO BE ness – that really is the question. Honestly people, are we going to let the powers that be (PTB) those 10% of supposed humanity who own 90% of the gross national product, (with their dense arses) continue to dictate the course of our humanity?  Because of the PTB’s density, they are raping our planet!   Do we continue to allow them to steal our soulfulness, or worse, opt to sell our souls through complacency or ‘wanna be’ attitudes?

The only way to effectively reset the course of our humanity is to redefine our values. Otherwise, all those sci-fi end-of-the-world movies could actually come to pass.  It can’t be emphasized enough folks – we really do need to redefine our values.  To be or not to be, what’ll it be?