Do You Know Grace?

 …“My precious child, I love you and would never leave you.  During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

Stoney Tunes

Grace?  Does she have a sister?

 As I reflect on what is one of the most sacred days of religious tradition, I am reminded of the wonder-filled grace with which we are endowed  and surrounded by.  Grace that has mostly gone unnoticed or taken for granted in lieu of far more carnal pursuits.  It rarely, if ever, occurs to us that the universe is strategically placed in order to nurture and sustain our existence.  How often do we stop and marvel at the miraculous beauty of spring, or recognize that the magical rebirth of this season even goes beyond the beauty of blooming flowers?  This is a divine opportunity for all of us to blossom into the loving spirits we were created to become.

We walk in grace every moment of every day.  We remember the large things that happen to us like just missing a horrible car accident or not getting on a plane  that was destined to crash, but what about the less noticeable acts of grace we experience?  Like the story of Footprints in the Sand, we can get so caught up in our own personal misery that it becomes difficult to realize the loving touch of All-that-Is.

May today there be peace within.  May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are within you and others.  May you use these gifts in-kind.  May you love yourself  just the way you are.  I pray for your joy, your peace of mind, and your recognition of the magic that is in and around you.  I pray that your hearts are open to the abundant miracle that is YOU.



What Does Faith Mean to You?

What does Faith Mean to Me?

Faith? Hmmm, lemme see… It’s a combo platter, I think, including loyalty, comfort, tradition, brainwashing, stubborness, entitlement, laziness, manipulation, delusion, nostaligia, ignorance…

FAITH for me is the embodiment of an essential amalgamation – between the primordial sense of togetherness and the wisdom of experience that enables an individual to sense the vastness of things as compared to the smallness of individual Selves.

The word Faith has always been an evolving connotation for me. Originally, it meant to me to believe without explanation or understanding – a sort of blind acquiescence to the knowledge – via doctrine–afforded me. “Don’t question God!” and “…just have faith!” was always the response I’d get from my grandmother and later from the various religious leaders I’d encountered whenever I would ask the ‘hard questions’ re: my first blog. However, once I realized that there were several sacred doctrines [not just the Holy Bible] the word faith had multiple and sometimes duplicitous meanings (like most words in the English language – tee hee).

[It] fundamentally means, ‘to trust’. Given the fractured religious environment based on one doctrine that supports dozens of separate ideologies, should you really trust or would you rather seek and find? The etymology of the word faith was fascinating to me, so I found it incumbent upon myself to explore the meaning in depth. I ultimately concluded that faith for me is a precursor to knowledge–a sort of marker, if you will – pending actually knowing. “Seek and ye shall find” became my motto with respect to living in the spirit and immersing myself in the limitless teachings of divinity [divine order].

So what does faith mean to you?


p.s. my apology for Stoney’s format – WordPress would not allow me to include his frame – I’ll just chalk it up to Mercury Retrograde

Do You Do YOU?


Stoney Tunes
Choo! choo! Next stop – Theyville. Yawn-Wake me up when we get to MEville!

Do you know yourself? I mean really know yourself.  Or do you simply project what’s in your environment? Take a moment and think about it.  If you want what they want, you are doing the projecting thing.  Keeping up with the Joneses is a sure-fire way to deflect from getting to know who you really are and what your unique purpose is on this planet.

 Have you noticed this recent surge of power-mongering going on?  Especially in the government.  It’s enough to make you want stop the world and get off.  However, what’s really going on is that everybody’s projecting – they want what they want cause their counterparts or predecessors have it and/or had it, and they want it when and how they want… infinitum.  I’ve gotten email after email asking me to sign this petition and join that group in order to STOP the powers-that-be from getting more power.  Here’s the question: what’s gonna happen after the current “powers-that-be” stop getting power?  Will the newfound reigning STOPPERS [tea/coffee anyone?] become the new “powers-that-be?” ergo the new power-mongers? So what then? The former powers-that-were begin fighting to regain their former  status of power – ad nauseum. The whole thing gave me a headache until I STOPPED and realized that the only way out of this madness was to reflect on how I could best affect a positive outcome in my community/government.

My epiphany was something I already knew subconsciously but resolved to bring into my present consciousness – the ONLY way for any of us to produce a better, more efficient, more effective, more sustainable global community/govenment is to be the best individual WE can be.  Indeed, our best contribution to the world is getting to know ourselves and striving to master our journeys.  Yea yea I know, getting saved is so much easier.

 So when you wake up in the morning, look yourself lovingly in the mirror  please, and not only ask yourself do you do you? but more importantly, do you know you? Afterall, you are divine.


O! Positive is Universal–Catch the Wave

Stoney Tunes

Taxi? Taxi!  ah nuts! Oh well… la la la… hi! excuse me –  you look great! What’s your… ok… well have a nice day!!!!

Recently, my daughter and I rediscovered that her blood type was O+ – she told me that the nurse replied, “oh, that’s great – you have universal blood – you can give blood to anyone!”  Through a series of weird connections (my brain works in mysterious ways) it got me to thinking about positive energy and how it’s a universal fact that we are essentially made up of energy and that energy attracts like energy.  This, in turn, got me to thinking about Quantum Physics and how this amazing discovery has set scientists on a track of unprecedented awareness.  Basically, [it] proves that how we think, feel, and/or act influences the outcome of what we think feel and/or act.  Case in point: ever walk down the street and have someone randomly smile at you and wish you a nice day?  Feels good doesn’t it?  The energy emitted from that greeting has the power to positively trigger your endorphins.  On the other hand, have you ever missed a bus when you knew the bus driver saw you?  Or have a cab driver pass you by when the “busy” light wasn’t on?  Feels lousy doesn’t it?  Either of those single acts alone can set the course of your day if you allow it.

Positive energy is a powerful thing – giving and receiving this energy on a daily basis can change the course of humanity and create a trajectory that will chart the course of a whole new paradigm for what it means to be human – letting our hearts lead us and using our brains, egos, emotions, and other stuff as tools with which we reconstruct the kind of universal peace and prosperity we all long for.

So today, let’s commit to one random act of kindness (large or small) without any expectation of reward or recognition.  I promise that doing so on a regular basis will O so universally increase positive energy, and definitively decrease sad days and missed taxis.