As Above, So Below

Stoney Tunes

You mean there are rocks on other planets too?

While teaching a bunch of Sunday school kids at a universal temple, I was inspired by how receptive they were about the subject I had chosen.  The children were between the ages of about 6-10 and they were literally captivated by the presentation I’d drawn a chart.  I had put a tiny dot on the chart and said, “this is earth.”  Then I placed several other dots around earth and said, “this is the solar system.”  Then I drew a large circle around the solar system where it was a tiny part in the lower left-hand corner of the circle and said to the kids, “this is a galaxy called the Milky Way…There are millions, and millions of galaxies in the universe,” I said dramatically (billions would have been a lost impact).  Their eyes widened with glee and I knew at that point that they “got it!”  They understood that we were yet an infinitesimal– albeit significant– part of a vast and ever-growing universe, and that the earth we lived on was a sphere in the midst of this universal symphony.

We rarely think of earth in such terms.  We’re rarely cognizant of the fact that the reason why the sun and moon rises and sets is because of the divine, intelligent dance between them.  Rarer still is our recognition of the intelligent dance among the other planets in our solar system and how it relates to us.  We seem to take for granted that the sun, moon, and other planets play a significant role in our evolution.  It’s no coincidence that the sun is just far enough away from us to not consume the earth with fire and just close enough to infuse every living thing on the planet…let alone the significance of the moon’s incredible, liquid nurturance… yet the children understood.

Science tells us that we are all interconnected physically, but never seems to make that connection on an energetic/spiritual level – that’s up to us.  We are more of what we don’t see with our eyes than what we do.   Our ignorance of that is why our value system is screwed.  We are all interconnected with each other and the universe – ain’t that divine?  There are no coincidences, no mistakes.  No one can exempt themselves from the process of divine order – even in ignorance.  In so many ways, this discovery became a huge relief to me.  I realized that something or somebody had a grip in the midst of all the seeming chaos and disconnect I was experiencing around me.  As such, I understood the importance of my infinitesimal, personal evolution. Hence the “raindrop… or rock in the ocean metaphor.”  My understanding:  the best way to positively effect the ocean is to be a better raindrop.

America is an  island  and earth (Gaia) is an island – we are all players in a ubiquitous and omnipotent multi-verse.  Every inhabitant on earth has an integral role in Gaia’s sustenance and evolution – she in fact plays a more aware role in our sustenance and evolution.  Measure by measure, as above, so below.



Water Works!

Stoney Tunes
Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head, la la la la la la la la la la la la!  I’m alive? Yes!!!!

Sacred and profound, water is the most whollistic element on the planet and the only element that can exist on three different levels – liquid, solid, and gas.  But what do we really know about water?  We know it nurtures and sustains us as well as mother earth through quenching.  Yet is that all?  I think not.  We take this most precious element for granted, like air, it’s a universal gift that must be honored.

What is less known about water is that it has memory – yes, memory!  Scientists are baffled at this discovery, which is why it’s a little-known fact.  This discovery affirms my endowed understanding regarding Gaia’s intelligence.  We often think of animals, minerals, and vegetables as ‘things’ with which to devour, manipulate, and/or covet. Yet it is their intelligence that sustain us – they are sacred living beings – yes, even rocks!

 It got me to thinking about my weekly visits to a catholic church as a kid taking religious instructions there, and how I would stick my finger in the container of holy/blessed water at the entrance.  Just think, that water could have really been blessed or spiked (lol).  Here’s the scoop: We can bless water – all we need to do is tap into that sacred place within – that place endowed to us by the all-that-is – and understand that each and every living thing contain water.  Scientists have discovered that every substance that comes in contact with water leaves a trace within the water.  As water record information it acquires new property, yet its chemical composition remain the same – baffling.  Holy (wholly) wo/men speak of water as the primordial divine spark.

 Quantum physics remind us that what we think, feel and/or do is imprinted in our environment; and water is the most impressive of all.  So when you have a drink, take a shower or a walk on the beach; think warm, loving, grateful thoughts, and bless the sacred water that so unconditionally gives unto you as it is given.  Please set aside some time to view the video below – I promise you’ll be enlightened.


Where’s China’s Heaven?


Stoney Tunes

A new blog?  Well, okay.

Greetings fellow spirits. Welcome to my inaugural blog – yes, my very first… ever!  This blog is about lightheartedly sharing with you my ongoing, hard-earned, practical wisdom on how divine we are; and to reveal, and hopefully discuss, the many and varied ways of why and how we can realize and apply the gift that is the real you–your spirit.

 Raised through traditional religious channels, here are some of the things I pondered as an adolescent:

 Where did God come from?

  • Since Adam and Eve were the first people, didn’t they have to commit incest to populate the world?
  • Why is it okay for some people to exempt themselves from some of the 10 Commandments, like war, and loving thy neighbor and stuff? Who appointed the exemptor? yes, I know that’s not a word, I’m a kid right?
  • Why are there so many inharmonious versions of the “Holy Bible?” Christianity? Religion? Spirituality?

And last, but not least… and certainly not all…

  •  If God lives in heaven and heaven is in the sky and the sky is up, do folks in China look down when they pray?

 Questions like these took me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery.  The greatest revelation of all is that we are divine sparks (spirits) of *God…, not just from God… of God.  Yes, we are indeed divine.  Yet it is our responsibility to re-discover our spiritual roots endowed to us by said creator.  By the way, the answer to the first question is that there was never “no-thing,” so God, “the all-that-is” always was–and we are all on a never-ending, ever-becoming journey.

 I’d also like to introduce you to my alter ego, Stoney.  I’m an avid rock collector and they are kindred spirits.  We are earth, and our bodies are an identical match – measure to measure of what constitutes Mother Earth – Gaia.

 I will always end my blogs with “Namaste.” Namaste is a Hindi salutation or greeting.  The word Namaste is a combination of the two Sanskrit words: nama, and te.  Basically, nama is “to bow” and te  is “you,” meaning The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you. So as we recognize and honor our spirits – who we really are – we become ONE. 


 *for subsequent musings, in the name of harmony, I will refer to “God” as “all-that-is,” or “the universe,” or some such other innocuous noun.